Proper dental care and regular checkups are crucial to retain your natural teeth and combat dental diseases. Greenwood Plenty Dental Care offers a wide gamut of dental services to the residents of Watsonia and nearby suburbs. Our dental office is equipped with the state of the art equipment to make your visit pleasant.

Whether it is a regular check up or an advanced dental procedure, we treat our patients with honesty and integrity, and provide them the best dental care. We utilise the cutting edge technology to ensure the well-being of our valued patients. Our dental team will consistently work to help you achieve that perfect smile as well.

We also offer several restorative and cosmetic dentistry servicers within our practice according to your specific needs. Moreover, our priority is to ensure client satisfaction, so we promise you that you will feel right in our office.

Our services include

If you would like to make an appointment, contact our office on 03 9466 7843. We endeavour to take care of our patients’ dental needs in a timely manner.