Dental scaling and cleaning is an excellent way of removing calculus and plaque from your teeth and gum-line. Plaque build-up on the teeth and gum-line leads to swelling, irritation, gingivitis and other oral health issues. At Greenwood Plenty Dental Care, we provide dental scaling and cleaning services for a safe removal of plaque, debris and bacteria even from hard-to-reach areas.

Our scaling process begins with the evaluation of gingival pockets around the teeth and better understanding on the exact condition of your gums. We use the probing method to detect the formation of tartar and hardened plague under the gum-line. With advanced equipment and tools, we are able to remove these harmful substances without damaging your teeth and gums. Once done, we polish the rougher parts of your teeth to prevent future plague-build up.

Dental scaling and cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your oral health and to protect your tooth and gums against decay and infection. If your teeth and gums show any signs of inflammation, having a dental cleaning will help reversing the impacts of gingivitis.

While consistent brushing, flossing and rinsing can help you prevent the deposition of plaque on the teeth, getting regular scaling from the experts is crucial for ultimate cleaning. Talk to us today to schedule an appointment for dental scaling and cleaning!