At Greenwood Plenty Dental Care, we have the right experience and expertise to perform dental restorations and help you achieving a great smile. Our dentist team will suggest you the most suitable filling material based on the size and location of the damaged teeth.

Our dental restoration treatments:

  • Bonding – Bonding is a perfect solution for treating cracked or chipped teeth, reducing unsightly gaps between teeth and hiding discoloration on the tooth’s surface. Usually, a composite resin is used as a filling material and is bonded to an existing tooth.
  • Crowns – A crown is a custom-made covering that fits over a damaged, decayed or cracked tooth. While crowns are made from a variety of materials such as gold and ceramic resin, porcelain is highly recommended as it mimics the color of a natural tooth.
  • Veneers – A porcelain veneer is a layer of tooth-coloured porcelain that is placed over the surfaces of your teeth to correct misalignment o, discoloration, worn tooth ename, chips and cracks.

Tooth restorations such as fillings and crowns will last for more than ten years, when cared for properly. We have been working on new materials and technology to develop varied choices of dental restorations for our patients in Bundoora and nearby suburbs.

Speak to us for more details on dental restorations!