Looking to replace missing teeth with dentures? Greenwood Plenty Dental Care takes pride in providing denture and implant solutions to patients in Bundoora and nearby suburbs. While there are various treatment options available for replacing a missing tooth, nothing can add extra comfort and flexibility than a tooth denture. With extensive experience, we are able to provide custom crafted, premium quality dentures for our clients while keeping our fees affordable.

We have perfected the art of fabricating fine fitting, high quality dentures including complete dentures, partial dentures, over-dentures and custom dentures and can help you choose the one that suits to your individual needs and lifestyle. Made of quality materials, our dentures are perfect alternatives to dental implants and dental bridges.

Whether you are planning to obtain dentures or looking for long-lasting implant treatments, we can take care of your denture and implant needs. Our dentists will treat you right and make sure that you receive compassionate care and the best possible service for all your dental needs.

If you have some teeth removed or you are not satisfied with the way your teeth look, you can consider getting dentures from Greenwood Plenty Dental Care. We are more than happy to provide dentures that are comfortable and suitable for your budget. Call us at 03 9466 7843 and get your dentures placed today!