Do you have a damaged tooth that needs to be extracted? Greenwood Plenty Dental Care provides tooth extraction and a comprehensive range of dental treatments to patients in Bundoora and nearby suburbs. Our oral surgeons are well-trained on current technologies and have extensive experience in extracting teeth.

We use a gentle extracting technique to remove the tooth quickly and efficiently without causing any pain. Our dentists administer local anesthesia to eliminate the pain and make the removal process as pleasant as possible. We use the most advanced dental equipment and the latest techniques to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. We are ready to go beyond the industry standards and adopt advanced methodologies for pain-free and fast tooth extraction.

Our oral surgeons are also specialised in wisdom tooth extraction. An impacted wisdom tooth can lead to gum inflammation and swelling, resulting in severe pain and infection. Before we begin the procedure, our dentists will take x-rays of your wisdom tooth to determine the degree of impaction. After tooth extraction, we often suggest permanent tooth replacement by placing implants and crowns to restore your beautiful smile and maintain overall oral health.

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