4 Different Orthodontic Treatment Options To Fix Crooked Tooth!

Have crooked teeth & finding it hard to chew or pose for a picture? There are plenty of orthodontic treatments available to correct your crooked teeth and it varies from one individual to another based on the complexity and aesthetic concerns. So, visit a dentist in Bundoora to straighten your teeth. Though planning to get your teeth straightened may seem complicated and tough, with a little bit of motivation, an experienced Dentist Bundoora & a strong desire to achieve a straight smile can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Crooked teeth can affect your confidence, gives you pain, and may even hinder your ability to chew properly. Multiple orthodontic treatment options provide relief and give you a straight and beautiful smile. Now, let’s explore the treatment options.

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Invisible Aligners

Invisible dental aligners are customized mouthpieces that help fix your crooked tooth effectively. However, the efficiency of the treatment depends on the complexity of the issue. If it’s mild to minor complexities, invisible aligners are a sure bet. They increase incremental teeth movements helping your crooked teeth over time. You can also check with dentists and orthodontists to check the progress of your teeth movement.


Traditional metal braces are also used to straighten the crooked teeth more effectively than any other treatment options. They gradually move the teeth into the right position over time. Though it may take a while, you will get the desired smile you always longed for.

Dental Bonding

When there is too much gap between the teeth or the midline between upper and lower teeth isn’t proper, dental bonding is recommended. In this procedure, the dentist may use a specific resin to seal the gaps and that also blends in to match the colour of your teeth. It can repair any damage and give you a straightened appearance.

Jaw Surgery

When the crooked teeth are induced by a misaligned jaw, no braces or aligners can fix the issue. Jaw surgery is prescribed to improve jaw alignment surgically. It corrects the irregular teeth bone and realigns the teeth bone and the jaw, giving you a straight, enhanced & beautiful smile.

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