Reasons For Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist

A beautiful smile can increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.  It can make you more comfortable in social and professional situations. If you are not happy with your smile, modern cosmetic dentistry can help.  Using all the latest smile correction techniques, a dentist in Bundoora will make your teeth, gums, and smile better. Whether you have teeth issues or want to feel confident about your smile, consult with a cosmetic dentist in Bundoora to transform your smile. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on repairing and enhancing your smile by correcting issues such as gum size, shape, colour, alignment, and more.  No matter how damaged or bad your teeth look, with the help of a cosmetic dentist, your teeth can be reshaped, gaps can be filled, and damaged teeth can be restored. There are several reasons to visit a cosmetic dentist and here we have listed them below.

Discolored Or Stained Teeth:

When your teeth are severely discoloured, teeth whitening is one of the cosmetic procedures that can remove stains and improve the colour of your teeth.

Misaligned Or Crooked Teeth:

If you struggle with uneven or crooked teeth, Invisalign or braces can straighten your teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Based on the complexities, your cosmetic dentist may recommend teeth reshaping or bonding to improve the appearance of misaligned teeth.

Chipped Or Broken Teeth:

If you have accidentally knocked out your teeth and looking for a natural solution, dental bonding or veneers can restore the shape and appearance of chipped or broken teeth. A  Bundoora dentist may inspect your teeth and recommend dental veneers to conceal stubborn stains and discolouration.

Missing Teeth

Are you worried about your missing teeth? Dental implants are the best, most permanent, and most natural-looking solution to replacing missing teeth. Crowns or implants can replace severely damaged teeth. Dentures or bridges can also replace missing teeth.

So, if you want a smile makeover, consult with our Bundoora dentists from Greenwood Plenty Dental Care. To schedule an appointment with our dentist, call (03) 9466 7843 today.

Should You Change Your Tooth Brush Often?

Yes, you should. So when was the last time you changed your toothbrush? If you’re unsure about it, maybe it’s time to look at it. We throw out expired foods & vitamin supplements and restock with new ones, you must change dental tools like your toothbrush more often than needed. If you’re on orthodontic treatment, you must take this into serious consideration to change them. And Dentist Bundoora recommends changing your toothbrush often & you should not be careless when it comes to your dental hygiene. Want to know why it is necessary to change them often? Here are our answers.

Kids Dentist

Change Your Tooth Brush Every 3 Months

To maintain optimal dental health, dentists Bundoora recommend changing your toothbrush every three months. Toothbrush loses their effectiveness over time & their bristles won’t be sturdy enough to eliminate the plaque or dirt from your teeth. When the plaque is not removed, it may even lead to gingivitis.

Wash & Dry Your Tooth Brush

Also, some don’t wash & dry their toothbrush thoroughly. As a result, the dirt or paste residue remains in the brush & form a buildup in the bristles. When you don’t clean the bristles, dirt & germs lurk behind the bristles & you risk having an infection. Whether you have a cold or fever, this buildup can harm your teeth & lead to infections & possible teeth fallout.

Your Brush bristle Can Grow Mould

If you keep the toothbrush in an upright position without a plastic mouth guard, fungus and bacteria can grow on the bristles. And when you use this over-used toothbrush without proper cleanliness, sickness & infection is in the rearview.

Bottom Line

If you’re planning to shop dental products, ask Dentist Bundoora about what you should be buying based on your individual needs. Also, consider having deep cleaning & teeth whitening from the Dental clinic in Bundoora once in a while to ensure that your dental health is in top condition.

For professional teeth, cleaning & whitening, call Greenwood Plenty Dental Care on (03) 9466 7843.

Should You Visit The Dentist During COVID-19?

As we’re in the grip of the pandemic, everything has changed the way we function and getting access to hospitals is now seems to be a threat due to infections. Moreover, dental clinics are no exception as it involves close contact with patients. Even before the pandemic has taken hold of our routine, it has been a standard safety protocol for dentists Bundoora and their team to use personal protective equipment like surgical masks, gloves, protective gear, and eye protection glasses to minimize the risk of infection from patients. With the newly enhanced COVID-19 safety guidelines, now it has become much safer than before.

When you want to visit a dentist, it’s essential to understand the dental emergency and check with the dentist whether a visit is required for you or not. In the event of extreme conditions like a swollen check, severe toothache, gum bleeding, or tooth sensitivity, your dentist may recommend you to visit the clinic to check further.

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5 Signs You Schedule A Dental Visit Immediately!

How healthy is your smile? Do you take dentist visits seriously? If not then this blog is for you. Generally, when it comes to a dentist visit, people always go twice a year or maybe some of you never would have stepped into a dentist hospital. Not only with tooth problems or cosmetic corrections need a dentist Bundoora, everyone should take dental hygiene and frequent dental check-ups seriously. Bleeding gums and tooth cavities means you should see a dentist as soon as possible. However, there are some other signs or symptoms that signal it’s time for a dentist visit.  Here are the 5 things to consider.

Visit Right After You Quit Smoking

Quitting tobacco is good for your overall health, mainly for oral health. However, a dentist visit after quitting tobacco helps your dentist to check your full mouth with a cancer screening. He or she will also check your teeth and gums for any sign of gum disease and recommend the best course of oral hygiene routine to achieve a happy, healthy mouth. Continue reading “5 Signs You Schedule A Dental Visit Immediately!”

Struggling With Tooth Sensitivity? – Here’s What You Need To Know!

Are you feeling discomfort whenever you taste chilled ice cream or a hot soup?  While pain caused by hot and cold foods is a sign of a cavity or decay that people with sensitive teeth often face. It can affect all the teeth and can lead to severe pain. Talking to dentist Bundoora and getting professional dental treatment can make a stop to your painful experience. If you are one of those people who struggle with teeth sensitivity, read on to know more.

So, what causes teeth sensitivity?

People with sensitivity have thin enamel than others. The enamel is the outer layer of the teeth that protects your teeth from sensitivity. When the enamel wears away, the nerves within the tooth are exposed and can cause tooth sensitivity. Many reasons can weaken your enamel such as,

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5 Medical Benefits Of Having A Straight Teeth

Are you interested in getting your teeth straightened? Having straight teeth improves your smile, adding beauty to the whole face. However, apart from aesthetics, it offers various health benefits. Crooked and misaligned teeth put abnormal pressure on the teeth, and jaw leading to many problems. It also increases the risk of periodontal disease. When you have straight teeth, it makes it easier for your jaw and teeth to function properly. So, you must visit Dentist Bundoora to examine your teeth alignment, jaw structure and fix all kinds of dental issues you’re dealing with. In today’s blog post, we have compiled five health benefits of having straight teeth. Let’s get started.

Straight Teeth Helps In Digestion

Straight teeth help you chew the food efficiently that helps you digest your food better. Also, well-chewed food will be light on your stomach and digest faster. So, it helps prevent indigestion and bloating in the stomach. Continue reading “5 Medical Benefits Of Having A Straight Teeth”

4 Top Reasons To Straighten Your Teeth – Find Out!

More than achieving a beautiful smile, teeth straightening have numerous health benefits. Through teeth straightening, you can improve your oral health, prevent internal medical issues and throw a confident and beautiful smile. Teeth straightening has become a common thing among people of all ages. So, if you’re worried about the look of your teeth, you must take care of your teeth as part of a healthy lifestyle. In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at the top reasons to straighten your teeth. Let’s get started.

Cleaning Becomes Easier

When it comes to cleaning crooked or over-crowded teeth, they are often difficult to clean. As it is hard to reach those areas with your brush, plaque or dirt gets settled there, which leads to cavities and infections. With straight teeth, cleaning becomes easier where you can brush, floss, and keep your gums healthier.  So, always ensure to maintain proper oral hygiene, and in the long run, you can prevent yourself from serious periodontal diseases. Continue reading “4 Top Reasons To Straighten Your Teeth – Find Out!”

Which Is Best for Your Teeth? Invisalign Or Braces? – Find out!

Who doesn’t love a bright and confident smile? Everyone does. However, you need to understand that getting an orthodontic treatment is not just for aesthetics alone. It can help you manage your oral care properly and sets you for a better future. When you’re looking to align your tooth, you’ll end with two options; braces and Invisalign. These are just tools where orthodontists choose one over the other depending on the complexity of the problem.

Dentist Bundoora

Your tooth doesn’t know the difference between Invisalign and braces; however, why orthodontists recommend one over the other? What is the difference between these two? We have all the answers that you’re looking for.  Continue reading “Which Is Best for Your Teeth? Invisalign Or Braces? – Find out!”

Got A Chipped Or Broken Tooth? Here Is What You Can Do!

Dental accidents may happen at any time and to anyone. Suddenly chipping or breaking a tooth can be a traumatic experience. If you find yourself in such a situation, here is what you can do to alleviate the pain and avoid permanent damage.

Rinse Your Mouth:

After chipping or breaking a tooth, you should rinse your mouth with warm water immediately. This helps clearing away the dirt or blood and keeping the area clean. The leftover or a part of the broken tooth will also come away with a quick rinse.

Stop The Bleeding:

If the mishap to your mouth causes bleeding, simply apply pressure to that area with gauze or a clean towel as soon as possible. Heading towards a dental clinic Bundoora is important if you experience excessive bleeding. Continue reading “Got A Chipped Or Broken Tooth? Here Is What You Can Do!”

What Is Zoom! Teeth Whitening? Does It Really Work?

Are you dreaming of bright white teeth as you see on celebrities? Struggling with DIY teeth whitening kits? Are they uncomfortable, messy or ineffective? If so, Zoom! Teeth whitening system may help achieving your teeth whitening goals.

Why Do Teeth Become Yellow?

Over the years, teeth get stained for various reasons, including exposure to carbonated drinks, coffee, red wine, junk foods, smoking, medications and aging. No matter what the reason is, most people find very upsetting to have a discoloured smile as it can impact their overall confidence and self-esteem.

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