5 Best Dental Care Tips for Kids

As parents, you must educate on the importance of good dental habits to your children to keep their teeth healthy. Keeping your kids cavity-free should be your ultimate goal as poor dental health will have more impact on their smiles. Oral diseases affect your child’s ability to eat, sleep and perform well at home as well as at school. Here are some tips for keeping kids teeth healthy.

  • Practice with Your Kids:

As kids imitate their parents, you should be a good role model. The best way to demonstrate good dental habits for your kids is to brush and floss with them. Rather than treating it as routine chore, explain them the importance of maintaining good oral health.

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4 Most Common Dental Problems in Kids

As parents, you must set healthy standards for good dental care in your children. Most people think that routine dental checkup is not important for baby teeth as they will fall out eventually anyway. However, if proper dental care is not taken, even a small oral problem can become a major issue and can cause infection and discomfort.

Here Are Some Common Dental Problems To Look Out For In Your Kids:

Tooth Decay:

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems in infants and toddlers, and may require advanced kids dental treatment if left untreated earlier. They are caused due to the extensive intake of acidic foods and sugary drinks. The bacteria present in the mouth survive on sugar and cause tooth decay. Severe tooth decay can also affect the growth of permanent teeth.

Thumb Sucking:

Thumb sucking in kids is a natural process and is associated with the sense of comfort and security. Until permanent teeth start growing, thumb sucking is not a problem. However, if children suck their thumb when the permanent teeth are growing, they might get overbite, misaligned teeth which can affect their speech and cause other problems too.

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