Four Common Dental Fears And The Way To Overcome Them

Are you afraid of visiting a dentist? If yes, you are not alone. There are many people who have anxiety about seeing their dentist. Some people fear about the pain while others worry that their dentist may rush or ignore their concerns. Here is a list of the most common dental fears and the ways to overcome them.   

Fear Of Needles: 

Nearly one in every five people has fear of needles when visiting a medical practitioner. To overcome this, acknowledge your fears to your dentist Bundoora before scheduling the appointment. These professionals are very familiar with the anxieties and will have ways to help. While some dentists give painless injections, others use numbing gel over the area to be treated.

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Fear Of Pain:

If you have a bad experience with dental pain before, you could be afraid of such repeat experiences. Today, many numbing gels and anesthetics are available for the most treatments that can ease out the pain. To change your pain perception, you can try deep breathing techniques or approach a dentist you are comfortable with. 

Fear Of Bad Breath:

Relax! Your dentist provides treatment for people with worse dental problems than yours. It is their job to deal with your dental issues and get you out of them. To overcome this fear, you can call and let the dentist know you are embarrassed about your bad breath. This makes you feel more relaxed during your visit to the dental clinic Bundoora.

Fear Of Sedation:

When the dentist sedates the area to be treated, some people fear being numb, assuming that their cheek, tongue and teeth are swollen and everything is out of control. Remember that you just lose sensation in these areas but not their functionalities. So, get relaxed knowing that you will be able to speak, eat and swallow as before. 

If you have any other dental fears than the ones listed above, call (03) 9466 7843 and arrange a discussion with our dentists. Specialised in offering a wide range of dental treatments such as teeth whitening, root canal treatments, crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures, our dentists will listen to your concerns and implement all the best techniques available to alleviate your dental phobia.