How Often Should You Take Professional Teeth Cleanings?

Have you had teeth cleaning this year?  Professional teeth cleanings are not only for a bright and sparkling smile. You all might have heard about professional teeth cleanings from reputed dentists helps to reduce the risk of cavities and prevent any serious dental issues. However, how often are professional teeth cleanings recommended?  If you want to have clean and sparkling teeth, you must maintain your oral hygiene and consume teeth-strengthening foods. Dentist Bundoora suggests taking teeth cleanings twice a year. However, if your oral hygiene is poor or has dental issues, your visit to the Bundoora dentists would be more frequent.  In today’s blog, let’s explain professional teeth cleanings.

Dental Hygiene

Plaque And Tartar Build-up

Whether you have stained teeth or bad breath, teeth cleanings should be your utmost priority. It not only gives your teeth a fresh look to your teeth but also improves your overall health. Getting professional teeth cleanings helps to remove plaque-causing bacteria, strengthens the enamel, and reduces bad breath.  After the teeth cleaning, bacteria will start to occupy the teeth within two or three days. However, if you maintain dental care at home regularly, you can consider taking professional teeth cleanings twice a year.  So, you are less likely to have heavy tartar or plaque buildup that affects your dental health.

Identify Dental Issues

Visiting a dentist for professional teeth cleanings helps to identify early signs of dental issues than plaque. During the dental examination, a dentist can spot signs of oral cancer, new cavities, receding gums, protruding teeth, anaemia, and other medical issues. As you know, gum diseases are directly linked to cardiovascular diseases, and detecting them at an early stage will prevent any other serious consequences.

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