Why Does My Gums Pain?

Have you ever experienced unbearable gum pain & ran to Dentist Bundoora for help? It must be Gingivitis & it is a common gum condition where the gums are affected by a bacterial infection. The condition occurs due to the plaque buildup on the teeth. When the bacteria or tartar gets piled up and not removed properly, it may lead to periodontitis. It will result in inflammation, severe pain, soft & swelled gums, and blood coming out when brushed roughly.  You must visit a dental clinic in Bundoora for teeth cleanup and check your gum health regularly.

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What Causes Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is the accumulation of bacterial plaque between & around the teeth. Dental plaque naturally occurs on the teeth & must be removed. If you don’t maintain your oral health or clean regularly, it may cause Periodontitis which causes pain, swelling, and loss of teeth. That’s why teeth cleaning is crucial to remove the tartar (A yellow calculus) from the teeth. Only experienced dentists in Bundoora can help remove the calculus from the teeth and relieve you from the pain and sensitivity.

Gingivitis doesn’t always happen due to bacterial or viral infection, it may even occur due to allergic reactions to dentures, illnesses, and poor oral health. People with cancer & diabetes are at high risk of gingivitis & the symptoms increase with age.

What You Must Do?

If you’re experiencing severe pain or symptoms of Gingivitis, you must visit the dentist immediately. The dentist Bundoora will check for symptoms such as cavities, tooth decay & signs of periodontitis.

Gingivitis can be cured with regular teeth cleanup and good oral health maintenance & visiting a dental clinic in Bundoora will help resolve other unattended dental issues.

When you experience too much pain or the condition is getting serious, get professional help. This treatment will involve a dental professional and a follow-up procedure to be carried out by the patient.

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