Can Invisalign Help Fix Mid line Tooth Gap In Adults?

Do people call you double-spaced or funny teeth? Teeth gaps are common & the mid line gap in the upper front teeth is something unappealing & it’s a minor misalignment. When the mid-line gap bothers you, it’s time to fix your midline gap in the front upper teeth from a reputed dental clinic in Bundoora. Though traditional braces work like magic to seal the gap, Invisalign aligners tend to be more comfortable & flexible than conventional braces. The mid-line gap is called “Diastema”- The name sounds serious, but it’s harmless. Only limited cases come with side effects. If you’re concerned about the teeth gap or bothered by how it looks, consult with Dentist Bundoora and fix it as soon as possible, regardless of your age.

Dental Hygiene

  • Diastema is a minor teeth issue that can be fixed with Invisalign aligners. Though it’s a minor misalignment issue, when it is accompanied by severe dental concerns like overbite or cross bite, your dentist may recommend something advanced like Invisalign Express Alignment treatment.
  • These advanced clear aligners come with elastics & smart force attachments that enable quick & intricate tooth movements, helping in fixing the gap efficiently. These work like traditional braces and ensure to solve your concerns sooner than you expected.
  • Unlike conventional braces, Invisalign aligners need discipline as you have to wear them for 22 hours to ensure fast tooth movement.& progress through the alignment process efficiently.
  • As Invisalign is a custom-designed orthodontic tool, it works its way out to solve the teeth gap and brings your confident symmetrical full smile.
  • Depending on the size of your teeth gap, the Invisalign treatment may vary. Whether the gap is 0.2 mm or 1.5 mm, dentists Bundoora recommend that it takes about six months to 1 year to fix the mid line gap completely.

Whether you have gaps in the front upper teeth or have overbite problems, consult with the Dentist Bundoora from Greenwood Plenty Dental Care on (03) 9466 7843 today.