Why Your Teeth Protrude? – Find Out!

Buck teeth? Jokingly referred to as “rabbit teeth” is a teeth condition called Malocclusion where the upper front teeth stick out in front of the lower front teeth or are angled outward. In medical terms, it’s called teeth protrusion which happens in children and adults due to various reasons. Dentist Bundoora at Greenwood Plenty Dental refers to this condition called “overbite” Teeth protrusion can negatively impact the face appearance, jawline, and bite problems and even cause a gap between the upper anterior teeth. If your child is having buck teeth or starting to protrude, it’s better to walk into a dental clinic in Bundoora for a checkup. They’ll assess the condition and offer the best orthodontic treatment to correct your teeth’ alignment. In today’s blog, let’s understand the causes of protruding teeth and how they can be fixed.

Dentist Montmorency

Prolonged Bottle-Feeding

If your child is having buck teeth, it may have happened due to the prolonged use of bottle-feeding. The pressure on the frontal teeth might have forced the milk teeth to protrude slowly & if left uncorrected, the gap may exceed and may stick out in front of the lower teeth.

Thumb Sucking

Whether you had the habit of thumb sucking or teether or sucking pencil for a long period in your early childhood, it may gradually make the teeth move forward. Dentists recommend checking your child for any of these activities and taking them to the dental clinic to prevent any other dental issues. Thumb sucking affects your oral health and causes damage to your teeth.

Poor Alignment & Tongue Thrusting

When the teeth are not aligned with the upper and lower jawline, it may cause a gap and make the teeth protrude, causing pain to the jawline, neck area and misaligned bite issues. Tongue thrusting is also another cause of teeth protrusion; when you use your tongue to push upper and lower teeth forward. The constant pressure can make your permanent teeth move forward.

Orthodontic treatments with different types of braces can fix protruding teeth. As teeth protrusion range in severity, it’s best to go to dentists in Bundoora for personalised & accurate orthodontic treatments.

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