Poor Dental Hygiene Can Cause Other Health Issues – Know How?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential for your overall health. Teeth that ache badly, gums that bleed, a mouth that smells bad are the indicators of bad dental health.  Poor oral hygiene can cause cavities, and more often cause health-related issues. This is why you should maintain regular oral hygiene.


When you don’t maintain regular dental hygiene, the bacteria inside your mouth form a layer called plaque and when it is hardened, it becomes tartar, which weakens your gums. So, when you brush, it starts to bleed and you feel the pain in your gums. When you keep it untreated, it becomes severe and leads to infections and weakens your bones.

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Heart Disease

Bleeding gums could increase the risk of heart disease. The bacteria from your mouth can enter your heart bloodstream and infect the platelets. When the platelets are infected it forms a clot, and stops the flow of the blood to the heart, resulting in an immediate stroke or heart attack.


Periodontal disease can worsen your blood sugar levels to collapse and worsen your diabetic condition. People who have periodontal issues are more likely to get diabetes when they don’t follow proper oral care.

Lung Infections

Dentists warn that poor dental hygiene will cause infections in your lungs and other respiratory-related issues. Especially if you have crowded teeth and under orthodontic treatment, you need to be cautious about maintaining good dental hygiene.

If you have had any of these signs, you should visit a dentist immediately. Also, visiting a dentist twice a month can help you balance good dental hygiene and be aware of oral health issues.

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