What Causes Teeth Grinding?

We have been asked a million times about Teeth Grinding – Bruxism. Questions like whether it’s a sensory issue or hereditary issue or a sleep disorder or weakness have filled our inboxes recently.  Therefore, we have decided to come up with the answers you need and the facts about Bruxism.  Whether you have mild or severe Bruxism, visit a dentist in Bundoora to get help and find the right solution for your condition.



Bruxism is a condition in which a person clenches or grinds the teeth for no apparent reason. Well, mild bruxism may not require treatment; severe conditions can lead to jaw disorders, headaches, teeth damage, and other teeth issues. Some patients also have sleep apnea – a condition in which a person stops breathing for a while or pauses breathing and loud snoring.

What Induces Teeth Grinding?

Individuals grind their teeth for many reasons. While stress and anxiety are one of the major reasons, people clench their teeth, it can also happen due to lost teeth or crooked teeth or misplaced teeth and teeth gaps.

Some patients might have persistent dull headaches in the morning, excessive tooth wear, and grinding sounds while sleeping. The worst scenario of teeth grinding is it can lead to tooth loss.

How To Know If You Are Grinding Your Teeth?

  • Teeth grinding often occurs during sleep. If you find yourself constantly clenching your teeth while you are awake, you need to discuss it with a dentist to relieve this situation. In severe cases like chronic grinding, a patient may experience severe headaches, jaw pain, tooth loss, and cracking.
  • Your dentist may recommend root canals, bridges, crowns, or implants to correct this issue. Some even suggest stress counselling, physiotherapy, and muscle relaxants to help solve this problem.
  • For sleep time clenching, patients would wear a mouth guard to prevent teeth grinding.
  • Teeth grinding when left untreated can cause difficulties to your teeth, face muscles, and jaws. So, consult with an experienced dentist in Bundoora to get the best treatment.

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