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What Is The Right Age To Wear Braces?

Does your child have an abnormal bite? Are you having any concerns about your child’s oral health? If you’re planning to get braces for your child, you’ll be having this one question,” when is the right time to get braces for your child”? It’s often the question that dentist Bundoora & orthodontists hear all the time. If this is a question you have, let us answer you right away. Believe it or not, the need for braces is not only for crooked or misaligned teeth. An orthodontic evaluation is needed before deciding whether your child needs braces.

Orthodontics Dentist Bundoora

Orthodontic Evaluation Can Help

Generally, a child must be inspected for teeth crowding, misaligned teeth & the gap between the teeth, speech abnormalities & abnormal bite. All these factors decide whether your child would benefit from wearing braces or not. The evaluation will help determine the right age for your child specific dental issue.

Middle School Age Is Ideal For Getting Braces

When getting braces for your child, you must understand that age doesn’t dictate the need for braces. Whether it’s a child, teen or an adult,  orthodontic issues can be addressed at any age or an emergency. However, the best age for a child to get braces is between 10-14 years. It’s considered the best age for them to get fitted to braces to maintain their regular oral routine & communicate any dental issues they experience.

How Long Is The Orthodontic Treatment?

Well, this can vary by patient’s age & the severity of the misalignment. An orthodontist will tell you the time range you need to wear braces to achieve the desired results. However, you need to understand that these timelines can differ according to the patient’s requirements. Some wear just for 12 months & some wear for 18 months followed by retainers or aligners as advised by the greenwood dentist.

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