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What To Do In A Dental Emergency?

Do you have a dental issue? Then, no wonder you’re prone to dental emergencies. The bad news is that it can happen anytime. But, knowing what to do when one occurs can make a difference in losing or saving your teeth. It’s why having dentist Bundoora on your speed dial seals the issue promptly and efficiently. Pain, inflammation, bleeding, broken teeth, chipped crowns are dental emergencies that can arise anytime. If you’re reluctant about the situation, call Bundoora dental clinic right away for emergency dental assistance. Also, here we list some of the immediate help you can do yourself when you’re in a dental emergency. Let’s dive in.

Emergency Dentist

Knocked-Out Tooth

Whether you got your tooth knocked out while playing a game or met with an accident & lost your beautiful & brand-new tooth, collect them using their crown (not the root for it may get contaminated) and rinse them gently with water and try to put them back into the socket. If it doesn’t fit, place them in a glass of milk and call a dentist.

Tooth Ache

A toothache can be the most painful thing that can bring you down to your knees.  Tooth pain is caused by various dental issues like tooth decay, infection, an abnormal bite, tooth eruption or a dancing tooth and trauma. If you’re undergoing any of these, make sure to rinse your teeth with warm salt water, or take ibuprofen to counter the pain or have a cold compress outside the cheek to relieve the pain. If the pain didn’t subside and gets severe, schedule an appointment with dentist Bundoora.

Crown or fillings fall out

If your crown or filling falls out due to an accident, clean and wrap them in a tissue and make an immediate visit to the greenwood dentist. Or if your teeth are chipped or fractured with no blood, it still requires treatment for it can affect your nerves deeply. Sudden discolouration or swelling is also a serious concern that needs immediate action.

The Best Way To Avoid Dental Emergencies

  • Never use your tooth bite or chew hard foods like candies and lollipops or anything that requires some extra effort.
  • Always wear a mouth guard while participating in sports.
  • Make regular dental visits to ensure your tooth is healthy.
  • Brush and floss regularly.

If you find yourself or anyone in your family in a dental emergency, call Greenwood Plenty Dental Care on (03) 9466 7843 today.