Are Crowded Teeth Bad For You? – Find Out!

First impressions matter! That’s why having a symmetrical face and straight teeth are crucial. Most importantly a healthy & symmetrical tooth equals a healthy body & that’s why dental crowding AKA Malocclusion has to be treated before it takes a toll on your teeth, gums, and jaw bones. Crowding also affects the structure of your face shape and could ruin the beauty of your face and your smile. In such cases, it is good to seek licensed and experienced orthodontists and dentists Bundoora for help.  In today’s blog, let’s know why crowded teeth are bad for your health.

Crowded Teeth Cause Teeth Protrusion

Crowded teeth can change the teeth’ alignment, causing them to protrude over time. When your mouth does not have space for all your teeth, it leads to crowding.  Apart from growing in their natural position, they may grow in unnatural positions trying to occupy the space between the fellow teeth leading to crooked teeth and causing the upper or lower teeth to protrude over time.

Crowded Teeth Cause Headaches

When the teeth are so close to one another, you will experience a lot of issues like migraine headaches, jaw pain, and facial pain. Also, when oral function is impaired, it causes strain on the temporomandibular joint, which leads to facial pain and consistent headaches while eating and chewing. Frequent headaches can also signal a dental issue and come for people who often clench their teeth and grind their teeth.

Crowded Teeth Cause Hygiene Issues

It’s often people with crowded teeth face hygiene-related issues. Crowded teeth put you at higher risk of tooth decay and cavities. When your teeth are crowded, the harder it gets to clean, floss, and pick out any sticky food items from the teeth. If the cleaning is not done properly, it may lead to tartar build-up and cause serious issues. In an extreme case, it may even lead to bone loss and gum disease.

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