Most Common Dental Emergencies That Need Immediate Visit To A Dental Clinic

Dental problems can come in all sizes, shapes and degrees of pain. Recognising what is an emergency and what is not can help you save your hard-earned money in the long run and act immediately in actual emergency situations. Leaving your pains and aches to wait another day will lead to bigger problem. So, proper diagnosis from an emergency dentist Bundoora is the best way to get immediate relief and prevent yourself from getting into a serious issue.

Fractured or Cracked Tooth:

There are several different causes for a fractured tooth. It may happen when you bite somehard substances like nuts, bones or ice as well as when you grind your teeth at night. Fractures to your permanent teeth, especially that reach the inner layer of a tooth, should be treated as soon as possible to prevent infection and pain.

Dental Hygiene

Bleeding & Trauma:

Trauma is another most common dental emergencies that is accompanied by bleeding. This happens when your teeth get extricated due to physical trauma, especially while playing sports. If you can reach the dental clinic Bundoora immediately, there are possibilities to save your permanent tooth.

Lost Dental Filling:

A lost filling can lead to infection, pain, inflammation or even compromise a tooth. If your tooth’s dentin is exposed for a long span of time, you should be undergoing root canal treatment to save the tooth.

Constant Toothache:

There are several causes for extreme tooth pain. Gum abscess and pulpal can cause severe pain, making it difficult to biting and chewing. Certain dental procedures can also lead to intense toothache and discomfort. All of these instances require immediate attention and a visit to emergency dentist Bundoora.

Crown Coming Off:

If you are wearing a temporary dental crown and it comes off suddenly, you must see your dentist who will assess your teeth and provide a replacement crown.

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