What Makes Dental Implants A Better Option For Replacing A Missing Tooth?

Missing tooth can have a great impact on your life and adversely affect your self-confidence and self-esteem. In addition, it also creates problems when you chew your food. Whether you have lost your tooth from trauma, gum disease or simply because of aging, dental implants may be the best option for replacing your missed tooth. In fact, dental implants can be used to replace one or more teeth. At Greenwood Plenty Dental Care, we recommend dental implants to our patients for the following reasons.

  1. Improve Your Appearance:

Dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth. After fusing with your jawbone, they serve as a permanent fixture and look completely natural – boosting your appearance and confidence in the process.

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  1. Improve Your Speech:

As dental implants feel as strong as your natural teeth, you will be able to speak confidently and comfortably. These titanium devices that are implanted into your gums, get fused with the jawbone eventually, looking and functioning as that of your natural teeth.

  1. Improve Your Facial Structures:

Dental implants that are fixed in the position of your old tooth can help with improving your facial structures. These devices reduce the deterioration of the jawbone and protect the adjacent teeth by minimising the pressure placed on them. Moreover, having these devices implanted will also prevent the rest of your teeth from shifting.

  1. Improve Your Chewing Ability:

Chewing and eating your favourite food can be quite difficult when you have a damaged or infected tooth. However, replacing these teeth with dental implants improves your ability to chew food which will lead to a greater quality of life.

  1. Improve The Overall Quality Of Your Life:

Substituting damaged or infected teeth with dental implants can improve your oral health to a great extent. It not only eliminates the risk of complications with the damaged tooth but also protects your gums from future infections and minimises the risk of cavities.

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