Unusual Causes Of Teeth Crowding

After all, who doesn’t like to have a symmetrical and beautiful smile? However, people with teeth crowding find it hard and super uncomfortable.  If you are one among them, visit the Dentist in Bundoora to get help on your dental crowding issues. People with crowded teeth also face pain that comes from one tooth putting pressure on the other, and leads to tooth sensitivity and severe pain and bleeding while brushing.

If the pain seems to be consistent and unbearable, visit an orthodontist at a dental clinic in Bundoora. Apart from the general reasons like a small jaw, tongue thrusting, and thumb sucking, there are many other serious that cause one to have crowded teeth. Let’s see them in detail.

Teeth crowding is not always about an aesthetic concern; it can have serious health concerns as well.

A Cleft Lip Or Palate

This is a serious birth condition or syndrome where the upper lip or mouth has an opening or split in the roof part. Children or babies with cleft palate will have missing teeth or extra teeth in the line of the cleft, which eventually leads to teeth crowding in the later stage.

Genetics And Poor Oral Habits

Your jaw size and shape are strongly related to genes.  Genes control how your teeth form into shape and sometimes may not form properly. If you have a small jaw, all the teeth won’t have sufficient space to grow, leading to overcrowding or crooked teeth. It may lead to under bite or overbite problems, and pain and makes your oral hygiene practices difficult.

Losing Baby Teeth Prematurely

Premature tooth loss can also be one of the reasons for crowded teeth. If the baby tooth is lost at an earlier stage, the adjacent teeth next to the missing tooth often start to shift to the space, causing teeth crowding. Also, sometimes baby teeth that are not lost on time can lead to a serious orthodontic condition.

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