How To Fix Your “Gummy Smile”?

Is “Gummy smile” affecting your confidence to smile? Many orthodontic treatments are available to correct your smile. However, the right choice of dental treatment depends on the primary cause of the problem. All you need to do is, check with dentists in Bundoora to help you. If you have been hiding your smile because of the gums being prominent when you smile, it’s time to visit the dental clinic in Bundoora to have a look at it. A gummy smile is something that exposes too much of your gums along with your teeth. It’s often the result of abnormal tooth eruption, jaw development, hyperactive upper lip, muscular bite, and much more.  If you are looking for ways to correct your gummy smile, here are some ways.


Orthodontic Treatments

If the gummy smile is caused due to misaligned jaws or a bad bite, using orthodontic appliances like braces or Invisalign aligners can help. This helps align the jaws, corrects bite problems, and helps make your gums look smaller when smiling.

Veneers Or Crowns

When your upper teeth appear short, it impacts the number of gums visible when you smile. It’s due to wear and tear, and sometimes even genetics could be the reason. Take dental restorations can help balance the space and give you a beautiful smile.

Lip Surgery

If you suffer from a hyperactive lip or short lip, gums will be exposed.  Dentists may recommend you for lip repositioning surgery to correct the gums and help you achieve the smile you want.

Laser Gum Contouring

More than complicated jaw surgery, dental laser gum contouring can help remove extra gum tissues and can make your smile less gummy. The remaining tissue is reshaped to expose more of your teeth.  Gum contouring can be done via laser or surgery.

If you want to make your smile less gummy, bright, and lovely, consult with our dentists in Bundoora from Greenwood Plenty Dental Care. For appointments, call (03) 9466 7843 today.