When Are Dental Crowns Required?

Sometimes, things happen leaving your tooth chipped, cracked, or weakened. That’s where dental crowns come in, acting like a guard to restore your tooth’s functionality and appearance. These dental crowns aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions. There are several scenarios where a crown might be your Bundoora dentist’s recommendation as they are a versatile solution for many dental issues.  At Greenwood Plenty Dental Care, the leading dental clinic in Bundoora has the most experienced dentists who utilise crowns to restore, protect, and enhance the functionality and appearance of teeth that are damaged or compromised. In today’s blog let’s find out when and why you might need a dental crown.

To Restore a Damaged Tooth

Crowns are often required when a tooth is deeply damaged or decayed and cannot be repaired with a filling alone. They cover the entire visible part of the tooth above the gum line, restoring its shape, size, and strength. This is especially useful for teeth that have undergone root canal treatment, which often need additional protection due to their weakened state.

To Enhance Dental Aesthetics

For teeth that are severely discoloured, disfigured, or out of alignment, dental crowns provide a cosmetic solution that can dramatically improve your smile’s appearance. Our dentists in Bundoora expertly match the crown to the color of your natural teeth, ensuring it blends seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

To Complete a Dental Implant

Dental crowns are an integral part of the dental implant process. After the implant has been placed in the jawbone and fused with the natural bone, a crown is attached to the top of the implant, providing a functional chewing surface and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

To Anchor a Dental Bridge

Crowns are also used to anchor dental bridges securely. The crowns are placed on the teeth adjacent to a gap, and these crowned teeth serve as supportive anchors for the bridge that holds the replacement teeth.

Whether you consider dental crowns, orthodontic treatments with braces, or Invisalign aligners, or if you need urgent care from an emergency dentist, Greenwood Plenty Dental Care is here to help. Our dentist team is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality dental care, ensuring that your crowns are perfectly suited to your dental needs and aesthetic preferences.

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