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Three Reasons You Need A Smile Makeover

Have you ever thought of getting a smile makeover? If you have always wanted a smile that can enhance your overall appearance and boost your self-confidence, a smile makeover might just be what you need. This kind of cosmetic dentistry treatments not only improves the look of your smile, but also guarantees healthier teeth.

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What Smile Makeover Actually Is?

Smile makeover involves one or more dental procedures that are performed on a patient to achieve the smile he or she desires. During a typical smile makeover, dentists in Bundoora perform one or more of the procedures such as teeth whitening, bridges, veneers, fillings, partial dentures, braces and invisalign to get a smile you always wanted for.

Here Are Some Reasons To Upgrade Your Smile Now:

Boost Your Self-Image:

A few things like crooked or stained teeth can crush a person’s self-esteem and confidence. The smile makeover procedures are intended for alleviating the flaws from the teeth, boosting your self-image and helping you make a good impression.

Restore Your Problematic Teeth:

Teeth with cavities, discolouration and breakages need quick repair. Restoration of problematic teeth not only improves your oral health but also enhances your overall health condition. An added advantage of teeth restoration is that it helps you attain a perfect smile that you always wanted to show off.

Treats Bad Bites And Teeth Misalignment:

People having crowded teeth, crooked teeth, underbites and overbites face difficulty with cleaning their mouth. When not cleaned properly, it leads to a number of dental complications like cavities and gum diseases. With the help of a dentist in Bundoora, you can reposition your jaws and teeth, and achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

If you are looking for a dental clinic in Bundoora that performs cosmetic dental treatments, look no further than Greenwood Plenty Dental Care. Whether you are concerned purely about aesthetic or you are worried about your dental health, a smile makeover could be just the thing you need. Feel free to call (03) 9466 7843 and consult with one of our dentists to find out the most suitable option for you!

Six Common Causes Of Gum Diseases – Be Aware Of Them To Prevent Tooth Loss!

Gum disease, also called as periodontitis or periodontal disease, starts with bacterial growth in your mouth, which leads to tooth loss if not treated early. Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums caused by bacterial infection) usually happens before periodontitis.  The key difference is that gingivitis is reversible, while the periodontitis is not as it involves bone loss which can’t be recovered.  What actually causes gum diseases? Let’s see!


Gum diseases are usually caused by plague – a thick build-up of germs on gums and teeth. Regular brushing and flossing can help preventing this disease. Also, scheduling regular check-ups with dentist Bundoora every six months can help with early detection of the problem.


Smoking restricts the normal function of your gum tissue cells and makes your mouth more susceptible to bacterial infections.

Hormonal Changes:

Hormones can rise and fall during pregnancy or menstruation period, making gums vulnerable to gum diseases. With a little bit extra-special care of your mouth, you can maintain good oral health during this time.

Nutritional Deficiency:

If you are not getting enough vitamin C, it could be extremely harmful to your gums. Following a diet that is low in carbohydrates and sugar, and the one rich in Vitamin C and water can help improving the condition.


Some medications may have a side effect of damping down the production of saliva, leaving a dry mouth behind. This facilitates the growth and spread of germs.

Misaligned Teeth:

If you have overlapped or crooked teeth, plague can easily build up, harming your teeth and gums. As they serve to be a breeding ground for gum problems, you should take extra care while brushing and flossing in those areas.

If you are worried about the condition of your gums, don’t wait to discuss your concern with our Bundoora dentist team. We will evaluate your gums and provide the best treatment possible to help you get rid of the gum diseases. To schedule an appointment with us, call our dental clinic in Bundoora on (03) 9466 7843.

Simple And Easy Tips To Get Rid Of Your Bad Breath

Dental HygieneBad breath, also known as Halitosis, seems to be embarrassing and may even cause anxieties. While there are so many products available, such as mints, gums and mouthwashes that are designed to combat bad breath, they only provide temporary solution and don’t address the root cause of the problem. Specific food habits and health conditions are the most common causes of bad breath which can be treated with proper dental hygiene. If such self-care techniques didn’t work out, you make sure you visit dentist Bundoora as quickly as possible.


Tips To Improve Your Bad Breath:

  • Brush & Floss Your Teeth Regularly:

Plague on your teeth facilitates bacterial growth, leading to bad breath. So, brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once.

  • Rinse Your Mouth Frequently:

Besides brushing your teeth, rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash can provide extra protection against bacteria that cause bad breath.

  • Don’t Forget To Scrape Your Tongue:

The white coating formed on your tongue serves as a host for smelly bacterial growth. Scraping your tongue every day helps removing bacteria, food debris as well as the dead cells that can’t be removed by brushing.

  • Say No Foods That Offend Your Breath:

Garlics and onions can sour your breath. They make their way into your bloodstream and reach your lungs, causing bad smells when you breathe out.

  • Bid Farewell To Tobacco Habit:

Tobacco not only causes cancer but also damages your gums, stains your teeth and gives you bad breath. So, you can use over-the-counter nicotine patches to quench the urge.

Visit Our Dental Clinic In Bundoora!

If your bad breath persists despite your best efforts, you shouldn’t wait to make an appointment with Greenwood Plenty Dental Care – a leading dental clinic in Bundoora. Let’s determine the source of the bad odour and come up with a personalised treatment plan. To schedule an appointment with one of our Bundoora dentists, give us a call on (03) 9466 7843.

Is There A Connection Between Stroke And Oral Health?

In Australia, around 50,000 people suffer a stroke each year. A stroke can damage brain areas that regulate basic functions like walking, talking and thinking. Do you know that there is a relationship between oral health and stroke? Before understanding the connection between these two, you must first learn what a stroke is and who are at the risk of having one.


What is a stroke?

A stroke occurs when a blood clot ceases oxygen from flowing to the brain or when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures. People experiencing stroke will show some signs such as arm weakness, impaired speech or drooping face.

While people of all ages can get a stroke, there are certain groups of people who are at higher risk: people who are above 65 years of age and those who lead poor lifestyle (smoking & drinking) and have diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

A recent study shows that patients who had a stroke generally had poor oral health and oral hygiene practices. People are also highly vulnerable to the development of gum disease which is connected to stroke.

How Stroke And Gum Diseases Are Connected?

When excess food stuck between your teeth, plaques can build up, causing bacterial infection. Unluckily, this bacterial infection enters the bloodstream and leads to inflammation, making blood to get clot. Blood clot ultimately leads to stroke.

Maintain Good Oral Health:

People who are impacted by gum disease and stroke should understand the risks and stay on top of good oral health care practices to protect their overall health.

  • Brush your teeth at least two times a day
  • Floss your teeth at least once a day
  • Have regular dental visits at least twice a year

You can also work with dentists of Greenwood Plenty Dental Care who can educate you oral hygiene practices and help you prevent oral diseases and associated health issues. To schedule an appointment with one of our dentists, call our dental clinic in Bundoora at (03) 9466 7843.

Four Reasons To Have Your Missing Teeth Replaced

Teeth usually fall out as a result of gum disease, trauma, severe tooth decay or when it is extracted by a dentist to relieve painful symptoms, to prevent damage to the surrounding teeth or restrict the infection. When a tooth is removed or falls out, an empty tooth socket is left behind. Most people simply allow the site to heal and don’t take any further action. However, the truth is that you should have your missing tooth replaced to ensure good oral health. Here are some reasons to have your missing tooth replaced quickly.

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To Prevent Bone Loss:

When a tooth is lost, the jawbone will no longer be able to stimulate the force of chewing. As a result, the body absorbs the bone tissue from the jawbone which leads to bone loss. Over time, bone loss can cause the shape of your face to change completely.

To Maintain An Even Bite:

If a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth will shift to the gaps. Once the teeth have shifted, the upper arch and the lower arch do not meet properly, leading to uneven bite which further affects the jaw and teeth.

To Prevent The Opposing Tooth From Growing Longer:

For instance, when a tooth on the upper arch is lost, the tooth that is directly below it tends to grow longer to fill the gap as there is no opposing force to restrict its growth.

To Retain Function Of Your Teeth:

The main functions of your teeth are biting and chewing as well as helping you to speak. To do all these functions perfectly, all the teeth should be present. When the teeth are missing, it affects your ability to bite and grind food as well as to speak.

At Greenwood Plenty Dental Care, we have been treating our patients with the leading dental technologies and methodologies to provide the best possible dental care. If you have lost your tooth and want to have it replaced, don’t wait to call our dental clinic on (03) 9466 7843 and book an appointment with one of our dentists in Bundoora.

3 Essential Winter Oral Care Tips To Follow

It’s winter here, the best time of the year for people. Though a drastic weather change can be fun, it brings health issues like cold, flu, chapped lips, sore throat, teeth sensitivity and cracked teeth. So, maintaining proper oral health is imperative at this time. If you’re someone who follows strict oral hygiene, ensure to take up a regular oral hygiene routine or visit Dentist Bundoora to help you with winter oral hygiene. To help our patients have a wonderful winter season, we have compiled a few winter care tips that keep your oral hygiene on point this season. Let’s get started.

Teeth sensitivity

Generally, you may experience teeth pain and sensitivity during winter. There are many culprits behind these: cold weather, seasonal allergies, sugary treats and poor oral hygiene. During winter, your teeth contract &  you may experience cracks or severe pain in the teeth. The dentin in your tooth gets exposed and becomes sensitive. So, keep your oral hygiene properly and make regular visits to the dental clinic to have your teeth in good health.

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Delicious Sugary Treats

As the season is chill, cakes, cupcakes, waffles, and sugary delights can be the menu of the day. As a result, too much sugar intake can erode the enamel from the teeth, weaken them and lead to tooth sensitivity, decays and cavities. So, avoid binging on hard candies; keep a check on what you consume, drink lots of water and keep your mouth cleaned after every meal or snacks.

Visit A Dental Clinic

The best way to maintain your oral hygiene at this time is to visit a dentist nearby. Dentists Bundoora will diagnose the underlying teeth issues at the early stage and can assist with necessary treatments. Also, getting your teeth and gums checked at this time helps you maintain your oral health and allows you to enjoy the weather to the fullest.

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So, don’t wait. Nullify the chance of getting any teeth injuries or decays or teeth sensitivity this winter by visiting our dental clinic today. We will be happy to assist you. So, book an appointment today by calling us on (03) 9466 7843.

Does Sugar Treats Cause Cavities? – Let’s Find Out!

How much sugar is too much? Well, sweet lovers have no limits for their sweet cravings. It’s an old scary cooked-up tale that sugar candies cause cavities to scare children from indulging in sugary treats. Not only children, but even adults also come up with cavities these days due to overindulgence of sugar and poor oral hygiene. It’s why dentist Bundoora recommend cleaning the teeth twice a day and floss after every meal. However, does sugar cause cavities inside the tooth? Let’s get to know.

So, What Is a Teeth Cavity?

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A cavity is a hole in a tooth. It happens when the enamel gets broken down completely. It starts with tooth decay. When left untreated for long, a cavity will then make a hole in the tooth and weaken the nerve endings, creating a sharp pain in the mouth. It also increases the chances of a root canal or may even result in tooth loss as well.

How Consumption Sugar Leads To Cavities?

Sugar doesn’t cause cavities. However, sugar digestion can be a factor for tooth cavities. So leaving the teeth without cleaning or flossing after a candy or chocolate can accumulate bacteria. It will then lead to cavities, gum disease, tooth loss, and more other serious complications. While eating the meal, acids in the body break down the food to help indigestion. These acids fight with the enamel in your teeth. That’s why you must floss your mouth after every meal. Brushing with fluorine water or fluoride-based toothpaste can remineralize the teeth and protect them from cavity-causing bacteria.

Bottom line

So, should you indulge in sugar treats or not? The answer is yes! As long as you maintain your oral hygiene and regular brushing & flossing, you can take, but ensure to limit sugar intake as it is not a healthy option. Always ensure to visit a nearby dentist clinic or get help from Dentists at Greenwood Plenty Dental Care. For appointments, call (03) 9466 7843 today.

Deep Teeth Cleaning – Know Why You Need It?

When was the last time you visited your dentist? If you have never visited the dental clinic, maybe you should now. When it comes to oral hygiene, a clean tooth is what makes you feel confident and healthy inside. If your teeth have tartar buildup or stains or any gum issues, your dentist may recommend a deep tooth cleaning. A deep tooth cleaning is nothing but the removal of heavy-buildup tartar and sorting gum related issues to ensure teeth and gum are strong, clean & healthy.

What Is Deep Teeth Cleaning?

This deep teeth cleaning is also known as gum therapy, where the dentist resolves any issues that affect your gums and teeth and is more than standard teeth cleaning. We say that deep teeth cleaning is more than regular cleaning because the ultimate aim of regular teeth cleaning is preventative maintenance.

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Why Do You Need Deep Teeth Cleaning?

In deep teeth cleaning, the dentist will clean the sides of the teeth, down below the gum line where people often fail to brush and inside. As you eat, drink and munch on different things, brushing and flossing twice is essential. When you fail to do this, the plaque and bacteria start to harden and turn into tartar, leading to infection and tooth loss. Though regular teeth cleaning can help clear the buildups thoroughly, deep teeth cleaning ensure that your teeth are clean from the root.  With few visits and organized oral care will help achieve a clean tooth and avoid the possibility of gingivitis and other dangerous diseases.

Deep teeth cleaning treatment is for patients who are the risk of developing periodontal disease. So, if you might need a deep tooth cleaning, get an appointment with a dentist, have your teeth examined and then they’ll tell you what you require. If your dentist tells you that you need a deep tooth cleaning, consider the benefits of oral hygiene and take the treatments seriously.

Looking for a dentist in Bundoora? You can request an appointment with us online or call us on (03) 9466 7843 today.

Should You Visit The Dentist During COVID-19?

As we’re in the grip of the pandemic, everything has changed the way we function and getting access to hospitals is now seems to be a threat due to infections. Moreover, dental clinics are no exception as it involves close contact with patients. Even before the pandemic has taken hold of our routine, it has been a standard safety protocol for dentists Bundoora and their team to use personal protective equipment like surgical masks, gloves, protective gear, and eye protection glasses to minimize the risk of infection from patients. With the newly enhanced COVID-19 safety guidelines, now it has become much safer than before.

When you want to visit a dentist, it’s essential to understand the dental emergency and check with the dentist whether a visit is required for you or not. In the event of extreme conditions like a swollen check, severe toothache, gum bleeding, or tooth sensitivity, your dentist may recommend you to visit the clinic to check further.

Continue reading “Should You Visit The Dentist During COVID-19?”

5 Signs You Schedule A Dental Visit Immediately!

How healthy is your smile? Do you take dentist visits seriously? If not then this blog is for you. Generally, when it comes to a dentist visit, people always go twice a year or maybe some of you never would have stepped into a dentist hospital. Not only with tooth problems or cosmetic corrections need a dentist Bundoora, everyone should take dental hygiene and frequent dental check-ups seriously. Bleeding gums and tooth cavities means you should see a dentist as soon as possible. However, there are some other signs or symptoms that signal it’s time for a dentist visit.  Here are the 5 things to consider.

Visit Right After You Quit Smoking

Quitting tobacco is good for your overall health, mainly for oral health. However, a dentist visit after quitting tobacco helps your dentist to check your full mouth with a cancer screening. He or she will also check your teeth and gums for any sign of gum disease and recommend the best course of oral hygiene routine to achieve a happy, healthy mouth. Continue reading “5 Signs You Schedule A Dental Visit Immediately!”